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Accurate Predictions on Consumer Purchase Behavior & Pricing Strategy

Simulacra SDS has been validated as the best-in-class simulation and predictive forecasting engine for consumer response to pricing, promotion, and bundling. Use your historical pricing and promo or consumer purchase history data to simulate new campaigns and strategies to increase brand sales and channel activations.

Pricing & Promotion Strategies

Simulacra offers a new methodology for sales forecasting under various pricing scenarios: using historical pricing and promo data, companies can make accurate predictions of future trends, sales, revenue, and purchase trade-offs with competing brands and products. These insights can be translated to competitive marketing decisions such as pricing, discounts, and promotions.

Consumer Cohorting from Purchase History

Simulate shopper demographics, preferences, and behaviors of various retailers from your products' purchase history. The Synthetic Data Studio automatically builds predictive models for cascading changes from requested scenarios – helping your company make informed decisions about product development, marketing, and placement. Use the AI’s predictions to design offers and promotions for activating, motivating, and re-engaging your consumers.

Shopping Cart & Cross-Category Analysis

Simulate the shopping carts for in-and-cross category purchases to gain insight into consumer preferences and habits. The generated data can be used for predictive analytics on marketing and product development strategies, including predictions for competitive analysis, price sensitivity, and cross category purchases.

Your Data is Secure - Containerized Security and Privacy

No data is ever saved, no data ever leaves your container, and your data is never used to train or update the AI for others. The Synthetic Data Studio runs as a Hosted Single Tenant Session, offering the highest level of privacy and security. Refresh the page, close the browser, or let the system idle - your container is nuked and unrecoverable.

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Don't lose customers on the margin. Use Simulacra to model price elasticity, optimize discounts per channel,
and find the right offer to activate new consumers.

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