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Boost, Rebalance, Re-Screen, and Extend Consumer Behavior and Preference Data with Synthetic Data Generation.

Generate real-time insights, from your existing data by setting filters and conditions to target specific populations, preferences, and behaviors - allowing you to predict new consumer responses without the time and cost of new consumer tests.

With Simulacra SDS, you can synthetically generate thousands of high-fidelity observations on consumer behavior, preference, and product usage.

Simulacra's Synthetic Data Studio empowers your team with predictive tools to explore and test the response of any target consumer groups within your existing data - and beyond.

Interactively analyze, predict, and optimize purchase intent, behavior, and cross-category merchandising - as well as use the synthetic data for in-house machine learning and AI techniques.

Infinitely Boost, Rebalance, and Filter Prior Consumer Surveys 

The data that you need - always at your fingertips. Simulacra allows you to boost your survey size while preserving the natural variance found within the empirical population. Using Conditional Generation you can boost or remove specific cohorts, rebalance the population to match target proportions and attributes, and target consumers with the precise behaviors you wish to analyze. You can even join multiple generations of various cohorts into a desired overall population for analysis.

Avoid the inherent biases of weighting or oversampling: Simulacra’s leading technology allows consumer research and insight professionals to target, boost, and rebalance populations without the inherent bias and limitations of traditional methods including weighting and over-or-under sampling. Therefore, the larger population sizes generated by Simulacra directly translate into increased statistical power for finding differences between people and products. 

Use statistically accurate synthetic data to immediately discover new insights in even the smallest cohorts at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to commission a new consumer survey.

Expand the Range and Predictive Power of Data

Synthetically generate data beyond range and bounds of your prior studies - use the Synthetic Data Studio’s Conditional Generation to integrate knowledge and set constraints shaping the populations under analysis. 

For example, use Simulacra to generate a synthetic dataset extending the range of ages collected in a consumer survey from 21 - 35 to 18 - 40 years old, without collecting new data, to discover predictive and accurate insights on their behavior, preferences, and motivations. Multiple parameters and constraints can be stacked, allowing you to focus on cohorts of interest outside of your initial research; for example, combine filters and conditions on age, gender, and familiarity to gain insight into motivating factors of product activation and resonance. 

Simulacra’s generative AI technology synthesizes entire datasets with greater precision and fidelity than state-of-the-art supervised predictive models tasked with single-variable or multi-variable predictions. 

Reveal Causal Relationships in Consumer Behavior

The Synthetic Data Studio is a risk-free platform for running infinite “what-if'' scenario models in real time. Use the Synthetic Data Studio’s integrated causal Bayesian belief networks to run queries and simulations against generated cohorts. The probabilistic query engine returns distributions of outcomes for a nuanced predictive view of your generated consumers’ behaviors, preferences, and opinions. 

The Bayesian belief network models the causal chain of consumer decision-making, allowing for deep insights into the reasoning and beliefs of multi-factor outcomes. Simulacra doesn’t just generate numbers - it simulates the human motivations behind the data it synthesizes. 

With Simulacra SDS, you can model consumer responses to changes in variables such as product attributes, marketing claims, and brand strategy for new and existing products. The findings from these scenario models can inform data-driven decision intelligence for your brand and products.

Your Data is Secure - Containerized Security and Privacy

No data is ever saved, no data ever leaves your container, and your data is never used to train or update the AI for others. The Synthetic Data Studio runs as a Hosted Single Tenant Session, offering the highest level of privacy and security. Refresh the page, close the browser, or let the system idle - your container is nuked and unrecoverable.

Predictions are for numbers - simulations are for humans

We built Simulacra SDS to support better, faster, and more data-driven decision-making in the CPG industry.

See the true variance in stochastic human behavior with the power of generative AI, synthetic data, and infinite simulations. Thousands of rows of consumer studies go underutilized or unused because of changing consumer preferences, outdated market conditions, and new product launches. Our technology allows you to update your data with new information and domain expertise to inform predictive decisions on today and the future. 

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