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Synthetic Data Generation
In The Consumer Research Industry

Stop Running Surveys: Start Running Simulations

Simulate Your Future With Reliable Decision Intelligence

Simulacra Synthetic Data Studio is an interactive platform for joining your existing data, domain knowledge, and our cutting-edge generative AI – allowing CPG professionals to rapidly and accurately expand their current data, run new tests on prior research, and predict for unobserved consumer cohorts. Simulacra SDS seamlessly and robustly handles any form and combination of tabular relational data, from low observation and dimensional counts to hundreds of variables and tens-of-thousands of observations.

No Hallucinations

Simulacra doesn't make up stories it heard on the internet - reliable data generation from your seed-data

AI With Guardrails

Fully constrained, conditional probabilities keeps the AI generating realistic data

Zero Defect Data

Simulacra SDS only generates high-confidence datasets learned from your seed-data and shaped by you

Simulacra SDS is: 

  • Cost effective –  Simulacra SDS is a scalable SaaS solution for new & existing consumer research and pricing & promotion data

  • Fast and efficient – Simulacra SDS makes predictions in real-time

  • Accurate and actionable – Simulacra SDS's AI has strong guarantees on convergence and robust generation

  • Predictive and explanatory – Simulacra SDS's cutting-edge technology gives causal explanations of predictive simulations

How it Works

Work with data you already have:
  • Consumer Behavior Research
  • CATA Studies
  • QDA and other attribute data
  • Other tabular in .xls, .csv, or .sav format

Statistical significance never diluted
No need to worry about incidence rate: use Simulacra SDS to boost cohorts of interest - find and amplify the groups of consumers within the survey that have the traits and preferences of interest.

Input Your Data

Any tabular dataset (.xls, .csv, .sav) with as few as 24 observations can train the AI.

Run the Simulation

Set filters and conditions to integrate knowledge, generate synthetic data, and test hypotheses in real-time.

Download Your Data

Download and save your synthesized data - in the same format as your input.

Turn Small Tabular Datasets into Large, Robust Datasets

Synthesize New Data
Use your existing consumer research and behavioral data as "seed data" for Simulacra's AI to learn - and replicate. Generate thousands to tens-of-thousands of rows of new data for insights, simulations, and downstream model building at a fraction of the cost of a new consumer study.

Statistically Accurate and Significant
Simulacra SDS can generate data with hundreds of factors, products, and variables while maintaining strong guarantees of convergence and preserving conditional probabilities. Use the platform to generate the largest amount of high-fidelity data possible with every run.

Harness the Power of Domain Experts and Prior Research

Expert Knowledge Integration

Use Simulacra's proprietary Conditional Generation technology to bring new knowledge and domain expertise into your prior consumer research. The AI is initialized by learning to synthesize and amplify your seed data. Using the Synthetic Data Studio, the AI can then be parameterized to simulate new data that conforms to the integrated knowledge - including desired cohorts, unobserved populations, and target preferences.

Generate All of the Data You Need - and None of the Data You Don't
Simulacra SDS can be used to generate data for difficult to survey consumer cohorts important to your business: non-respondents, wealthy consumers, and low incidence behaviors can all be generated for data-driven scenario modeling and predictive decision making.

The Synthetic Data Studio

Decision Intelligence
Equip your company with the best-in-class technology and platform for data driven decision making. Allow your team to test theories and assumptions on optimally informed synthetic-data generated with your company's integrated expertise. All research questions are decision questions - make the best decisions with the best data.

Causal Bayesian Belief Networks
Simulacra Synthetic Data Studio builds a causal Bayesian belief network from your synthesized data allowing you to predict and compare limitless interactive scenarios for any combination of attributes within your research.

Your Data is Secure - Containerized Security and Privacy

No data is ever saved, no data ever leaves your container, and your data is never used to train or update the AI for others. The Synthetic Data Studio runs as a Hosted Single Tenant Session, offering the highest level of privacy and security. Refresh the page, close the browser, or let the system idle - your container is nuked and unrecoverable.

Stop making decisions in the dark

With Simulacra SDS you can make data-driven decisions with confidence.  

Simulacra will generate realistic customer behavior and preferences, test different marketing strategies, and predict the future of your product. See customer purchasing habits clearly, segment according to filters that make sense, and find actionable decisions backed by data with confidence. With Simulacra, you can now run limitless simulations on new and existing research to see how different promotions, advertising campaigns, and product trials can affect sales, customer loyalty, and other key metrics.

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