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Simulacra SDS is the missing link to the data you already have:
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Simulacra Synthetic Data Studio is an AI platform for predictive real-time synthetic data generation and causal scenario modeling. Generate realistic data that replicates and enhances your prior consumer behavioral research studies.

Synthetic data generation + causal belief networks gives your team the hindsight, insight, and foresight to update past research with new information and expert knowledge integration. Simulacra SDS statistically replicates your initial seed-data. Using the Synthetic Data Studio, set filters and conditions on any set of variables to integrate your company’s newest information, knowledge, and domain expertise into a new synthesized dataset for analysis and inference.

Leading CPG companies use Simulacra SDS for AI enabled decision intelligence and predictive simulations in a changing world. Generate all the data you need to obtain insights and ascertain probabilities into changing consumer behavior.

Synthetic Data Predicts Real Consumers.

Supercharge New & Prior Research

With Simulacra SDS, running simulations on your data is fast, accurate, and insightful. We believe that running simulations is now a necessary creative task to understand consumer behavior in CPG. The Simulacra Data Studio offers you the tools to follow up on hunches, understand why certain consumers respond the way they do, and play with your data in a integrated simulation sandbox that gives you answers to the questions currently left unanswered.

Use on Prior Research to:

  • Integrate new information or domain knowledge to incorporate relevant trends & changing market realities
  • Increase sample sizes of the entire population or under-surveyed cohorts to reach statistical significance
  • Simulate new, untested, scenarios to rapidly and accurately model successful strategies
  • Turn assumptions and ideas into decisions supported by data

Use on New Research to:

  • No Recruiting Challenges: reduce the number of required participants in new surveys
  • No Incidence Challenges: generate screened data from non-screened or wide-net research of difficult-to-survey consumers or products with low incidence-rate
  • Understand Consumer Behavior: gain deep insights into how various factors influence consumers, enabling data-driven strategies
  • Predict Outcomes of Strategies: uncover causal relationships within complex consumer behavior networks

Turn Small Tabular Datasets into Large, Robust Datasets

Synthesize New Data
Use your existing consumer research and behavioral data as "seed data" for Simulacra's AI to learn - and replicate. Generate thousands to tens-of-thousands of rows of new data for insights, simulations, and downstream model building at a fraction of the cost of a new consumer test.

Statistically Accurate and Significant
Simulacra SDS can generate data with hundreds of factors, products, and variables while maintaining strong guarantees of convergence and preserving conditional probabilities. Simulacra SDS's AI generates the largest amount of high-fidelity data possible with every run.

Harness the Power of Domain Experts and Prior Research

Expert Knowledge Integration

Use Simulacra to bring new knowledge, domain expertise, and professional opinions into your prior consumer research. Simulacra starts by generating a statistically equivalent dataset to your seed-data, and can then be parameterized to generate specific cohorts or unobserved predictions learned from a combination of your data and expert guidance.

Generate All of the Data You Need - and None of the Data You Don't
Simulacra SDS can be used to generate data for difficult to survey consumer cohorts important to your business: non-respondents, wealthy consumers, and low incidence behaviors can all be generated for data-driven scenario modeling and predictive decision making.

The Synthetic Data Studio

Causal Belief Networks
Simulacra Synthetic Data Studio builds a causal belief network from your synthesized data allowing you to predict and compare limitless interactive simulations under any combinations of scenarios from your existing and new data.

Decision Intelligence
Equip your company with the best-in-class tool for data driven decision making. Allow your team to test theories and assumptions on optimally informed synthetic-data generated with your companies' integrated expertise. All research questions are decision questions - make the best decisions with the best simulations.

The White Paper

Simulacra Synthetic Data Studio: Data Generation and Causal Scenario Modeling for CPG

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